IUI Treatment

IUI Treatment

Intrauterine Insemination or the IUI is an artificial insemination procedure wherein the sperm is place in the uterus for improving the chances of pregnancy. The main object of this procedure to separate fast moving sperms from the sluggish ones. Partner’s sperm or donor sperm is used for this purpose as per the availability. This is an apt solution for couples dealing with infertility problems and be blessed with the child.

When to opt for IUI

  • Tests show unexplained infertility.
  • When the sperm count is low or found to be of low mobility.
  • Partner is disabled thus preventing intercourse.
  • The women’s cervix prevents the sperm form moving which thereby makes it necessary to opt for treatment.
  • If donated sperm is being used for the treatment.


  • Initially there would be a medical check to determine the hormone levels and if the woman’s body is able to sustain the pregnancy.
  • Once this is done you may be put on ovulation drugs that is intended to bring out healthy eggs. But if the doctor prefers to go with natural ovulation the doctors will check it with blood tests and ultrasound.
  • Next the partner’s sperm or donor sperm is made ready for the procedure. It would be washed with chemicals which would improve the sperm mobility as well as increases the success rate.
  • The sperm would be then injected into the vagina with the help of thin caterer tube. Once the sperm reaches the fallopian tubes it fertilizes the eggs

As compared to all other artificial insemination techniques this can be said to be one the least expensive and less invasive method. Once this is completed there is no bed rest required and they can resume with their daily schedules.


  • There is a chance for multiple births in this procedure.
  • The catheter insertion can prove to be a little uncomfortable and there is chances for severe cramps during the insemination process.
  • There is also a very slight of developing infections too.