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How exercise affects your menstrual cycle

A woman's menstrual cycle is often linked to her emotional well-being. Many also believe that one must avoid exercising during periods. But how true is this claim?

Should a woman actually take a 4-6 day break from workouts every month, when on her period? We take a look.

Exercise Can Affect Menstrual Cycle

The menstrual cycle is generally experienced by women on a regular basis each month. However, there are some women whose menstrual cycles are erratic. Hormonal factors, and emotional health is often the cause of irregular menstruation. But not only that, the habit of exercise or fitness training can be the cause.

Skinny and scared of weight gain

TPerhaps it's the size zero celebs who are to blame, those who look thin and glamorous during their pregnancies. Now mums to be in India are trying desperately to ape them and doctors are worried. Known as "pregorexia," this bug is striking more and more city bred mothers-to-be.

Give money,get baby!

Tabassum Aara, 22, lives with her husband and 18-month-old son in their rented one-room flat in Loni on the outskirts of Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Her husband, a daily wage labourer, earns about Rs200 a day, barely enough for food and rent. Four months ago, Tabassum heard about the “easy, reliable and dignified” way to earn some extra money from her neighbour Nazma, 29. Nazma recently bought a semi-automatic washing machine, a Panasonic television, a Hero Honda bike and they are soon going to buy a house of their own. “She delivered a baby for a couple who could never get a baby on their own,” says Tabassum, who is three-months pregnant. “It's such a sacred work. We decided to do it. If you do it for them, you will get what you want.”

Pengaruh olahraga terhadap siklus menstruasi

Saat menstruasi, perempuan biasanya mengalami rasa sakit di perut. Selain itu, rasa mudah emosi juga sering disebut PMS (pre-menstruation syndrome) . Ada banyak cara untuk mengatasi hal ini, salah satunya adalah dengan berolahraga. Jadi apa sebenarnya pengaruh olahraga saja pada siklus menstruasi Anda?

Ada banyak manfaat dari latihan, seperti menyeimbangkan tekanan kesehatan darah, jantung, membuat otot lebih fleksibel, menjaga berat badan ideal, menyimpan berbagai penyakit, dan sebagainya. Sementara itu, berolahraga selama manfaat berlebihan menstruasi.

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